Chiropractic Testimonials

"This is a wonderful practice focused on looking at the whole person and providing top notch care. They offer great chiropractic care and wonderful massage therapists and skilled personal training. If you’re in pain or feeling like you just aren’t living life to the fullest you need to get to Core. Life is for living and their focus is to help you do just that!!"

- Judy

"Core Chiro is the "pro shop" for everyday folks as well as fine tuned athletes! They have Dr Harding and his team ready when you are. Get adjusted, get fit, nutrition advice, etc - and they are friendly!"

- Rob

"Dr. Harding has treated me for the past 4-5 years including both chiropractic and soft tissue work. He is highly active himself and knows how to treat other highly active people. Dr. Harding also has a great bedside manner - always friendly, professional and creative in his treatments. Thanks Core for keeping me in one piece!"

- Oliver

"I've been having problems with my lower back from workout, bike accident and sitting down too long at work. I don't trust many people with my back until my brother in-law, Patrick, told me about Core Chiropractic Center and I checked it out. I was very pleased with the works and looking forward to next week for second visit. Thumbs up!!"

- Jason

"Dr. Harding and his knowledge of hard and soft tissue have made such a difference in my life! I can walk again with no pain! His caring staff help in so many ways."

- Sheryl

"Best in class. Works with the individual on specific treatment. Changed my life."

- Ian

"Love this place! They have helped my shoulder tremendously!"

- Kristen

"Dr. Harding is the best chiropractor I have had. He takes a holistic approach and truly understands my body and needs. He has helped alleviate my pain making it possible for me to do my job. And the staff is caring and treats all patients like family."

- Dawn

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