Total Wellness Services

Strength AND freedom

The ultimate goal at Core Chiropractic is for patients to feel as healthy as possible, reach an ultimate level of well-being and find freedom in movement. 

We stress the idea ‘Get moving!’  People need to move—any form of exercise helps. An optimum plan includes stretching, diet, and core strength building. 


The Core Chiropractic Center looks at the whole body. A Holistic approach to life-long wellness.

Each case is individually evaluated and care is specifically tailored to the patients goals.

Healing Treatment Could Include:

  • Personal Training

  • Myofascial Release

  • Chiropractic Adjustments

  • Massage

  • Kinesio Tape

  • Active and Passive Stretching

  • Nutrition

  • Building Core Strength

Massage Therapy:

  • Deactivate and eliminate trigger points.

  • Heat tissue and promote muscle relaxation.

  • Increase circulation to injured tissue.

  • Reduce adhesions and scar tissue.

  • Increase joint range of motion.

  • Relieve stress.